2002 Monterey Sports Car Championships featuring the American Le Mans Series part 3

audi after turn 5 001

mazda bridge 001

porsche mazda bridge 001

panoz turn 5 001

panoz porsche turn 6 001

olive garden ferrari turn 6 001

Hi Again Racing Ears,

Here is part 3 of this 2002 Monterey Sports Car Championship practice session. It begins, I think, in turn 2 Andretti Hairpin area then I made my way to between turn 5 and turn 6 then to turn 6. Turn 2 goes from 00:00 to 05:17, then between turn 5 and 6 ends goes from 05:17 to 06:33, then turn 6 goes from 06:33 till the end at 10:14. Many pictures accompany this post. The turn 6 sound is my favorite.


The Racing Ear.

Auto Racing Sound credit goes to The Racing Ear.

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