Christiano Da Matta 20022002 CART Spring Training





Hello again Racing Ears,

Here is a longer clip that is really cool that has the sounds of the CART IndyCars back from 14 years ago. It was from the Friday practice session on June 7 2002 at Laguna Seca. They are sounds that really resonate with me because of all of the changes that Indy cars have had to endure over the years. These sounds really take me back. It is with the little Sony lecture recorder but with some editing it sounds hopefully better.

These sounds start out with me being in front of the pits in the turn 11 area, then I made my way down to the Andretti Hairpin to listen to the cars downshifting, which really sounds cool, and then back to the start finish area. I apologize for the wind noise. It is annoying but I removed most of it from the final edit.

Thanks and enjoy,

The Racing Ear.

Bumper Music Credits:  Made of Wood / Old School Spy / Narcotherapy Hypnosis / 19Bozzy92 Porsche 917K at Monza

Auto Racing Sound Credit goes to The Racing Ear.




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