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Hello Racing Ears,

Here is a great podcast featuring the Porsche 917/30.  This iconic car is the 05 chassis and is an exact duplicate replica of the world famous Mark Donohue Penske Sunoco #6 917/30.  In this podcast I got to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Harburg from Australia, the docent historian mechanic, and I was fortunate enough to hear the car start up and also hear a 917K idle as it was sneaking past me.

Thanks so much for your support.

The Racing  Ear.

Bumper music attribution goes to Made of Wood with Old School Spy off of the album Narcotherapy Hypnosis that is available on Magnatune.com.


4 thoughts on “PORSCHE 917/30 ENCOUNTER

  1. Thanks Bob. There are more encounters and sounds to come. I am still going through all my recordings and making headway in producing more podcasts. Thanks for your support. Trent.


  2. Trent, Here is a little of the Porsche “Soundnacht” event mentioned in the conversation with the 919 crew member. Mike I thought you would be interested too. Bob


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