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Hello again Racing Ears,

Well I finally got to see my dream car.  I finally got to see, hear, and touch a 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR R32.  It was really great to meet the owner, George Santiago.  He was so kind to meet with me during Memorial Day weekend to give me a tour of this legendary automobile.  He answered the many questions that I had and to top it all off, he also gave me a ride!  It was a thrill and a delight to see all of the idiosyncrasies that are associated with this automobile.  Right hand drive, twin turbo straight six engine, all wheel drive, 5 speed manual, emblems, stickers, and that beautiful Skyline sound.

I really hope that you enjoy this Journal-Cast.

God Bless all of our men and women that are in the United States Military.

Check out more pictures on The Racing Ear Journal’s Facebook page.

Thanks again for listening.

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